How you know you’ve been heard

What is I usually say is. So what are you looking for today? And they say, oh I have pain in my neck and shoulders. Why do you have pain there? An accident, chronic tension, poor body posture? How long have you had the pain? On a scale from one to ten how bad is it? I’ve had it for a couple of months now and it’s a 3/10. Ok, can you show me where it hurts? I always have clients try to show me where it hurts as most people will say a body part but mean something else. Aka my shoulders hurts, but they mean upper trapezius. So, I say, client presents with anterior left neck pain, bi lateral upper trapezius, and right wrist pain. I then ask. So are you looking for focus work only on these areas , a sports massage with some focus work? Then you get an idea. After telling you what they want, you explain what your plan will be. I always tell the clients I will be working on those areas and muscles surrounding because they all connect. I also point to the body parts I’m going to work on. I also let them know I’m going to work on the un affected sides first to see the difference when I get to their tender parts. This works really well for. 1. It shows I’m listening and present for the client, 2. They explain what they want. 3. I confirm what they want. 4. Everything goes well. I also ask what type of pressure they prefer.

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