The first workout

Starting a new gym is always exciting scary for me. Starting a new anything can send people into a spiral of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. I do a lot of extra mental and physical preparation but when it comes to that pre-sunrise HIIT class I’m like “don’t show, don’t show I pray he doesn’t show.”What’s that about? I’ll tell you. Responsibilities. If I get stood up it’s easier to blame someone else that I didn’t burn my quadriceps or learn how to power clean. But. If the class does go forward as planned then the one with Bambi legs and a spinning head is me, yours truly, right here veg-ing.I veg in my rocking chair. Yes I have one. The upholstery is trashed but the wooden frame is still good. It’s a European make. I cover up the flaws the wear and tear with pillows and pillowcases and while away the time lounged. It doesn’t mean I’m old. It means I’m aging.

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