Self care tips

While sitting, step on a ball with a bare or socked foot and roll back and forth from heel to toe with firm pressure — but don’t try to flatten the ball completely. If anywhere feels particularly painful or tender, work those knots out by rolling in small circles. If you need more pressure: Do while standing instead of sitting.Using the pads of your fingertips, press up under your cheekbones, starting at the apples of your cheeks. Open and close your mouth as you press up into your cheekbones. Do this all the way back, following an imaginary beard line. When you reach your sideburns, press your thumb under your jawbone and pull your fingertips down the side of your face. Repeat movement along your jaw, moving toward your chin. Finally, grab chin and pull the skin down between your thumbs and fingertips. While sitting, unbend your leg and let it rest so the muscles in your quad are soft. Press into where it hurts with a fingertip or a knuckle and massage in a star shape for 10 seconds. Bend and straighten your knee twice. Repeat 2–3 times for each place it hurts. Sit on the ground with your legs bent, your hands resting on the ground behind you, and a tennis ball under your butt cheek.Lift your leg off the ground and roll around on the ball, working into the places you feel most tension. Repeat on your other side. Hold your arm out, palm up, and cup it just under the elbow with your opposite hand. Flip your arm within you grip so your palm faces the ground. Repeat all down your arm until you reach your wrist.Don’t squeeze too hard. Per Silbar: “We’re just taking the casing of a sausage and twisting. We’re not squeezing the meat out of it.” Lie on your side with a foam roller under your hip. Using your hands to brace you, slowly roll down from your hip to your knee, rotating your body toward the ground as you go.Roll back into the starting position. Stand with a tennis ball between the wall and your shoulder. Raise your arm above your head and shift your head from side to side. Experiment with the ball in different positions along your neck and shoulders.Draw circles with your fingertips at your temples, increasing the size and pressure of your circles as you move toward your scalp.Lie face up with feet shoulder-width apart and flat on the floor. Center a foam roller on your mid-back, beneath your shoulder blades so it’s perpendicular to your body. Rock your body toward and away from your feet over the foam roller.What’d you think? if you found this list helpful and would like to know more please login to my online calendar at the website provided to discuss how I can help you further with massage

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