Thai massage on a mat

I’m Jason Albuquerque’s Male Massage Therapist. I add an extra half hour to your appointment. I am located at San Mateo and Academy. My last appointment is at 7 pm for an hour.

My last appointment is at 2 pm weekends. If you’re like me I know you’re busy but please read all the way to the end before reaching out. I have 8 years experience. I take male clients only and prefer to work with amateur athletes or working folks and students who make physical fitness sensible diet and health part of their lives.

Massage on a table includes joint mobilization range of motion and deep tissue. This is non medical non pampering real massage for pain relief and stress busting. If you already do self care such as relaxation and stretching we’ll get along just fine. Outcall available with pic. Introducing mat work ask if interested.

I do massage because I love it. I want to help you and make a difference in the community. It’s a fascinating industry where a variety of men all over the country and the world are pushing back the boundaries of touch to bring better health to our brothers. By booking with this link including your real full name email and phone contact, you are showing me your genuine interest in being part of this.

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