My story

What problem do I solve? Acute injuries caused by over training and repetitive stress

I Pick up you up, Move you around, Find the tension and Release it. Recommended Foam roller and Yoga

Take off your shoes and lie on the table.

This is a massage business for males

I have maintained in this field for 8 years

My product and marketing targets men

I Communicate with men through social media

I lead a healthy lifestyle and behave authentically

The way I survived massage school was to bicycle over an hour to and from class. I had no idea how demanding my chosen profession would be. At the midpoint I sold my car and haven’t owned one for 8 Years.

As you can imagine, I walk a lot, and only buy what I can carry. Realizing it was either my body or my career, I started seeking advice from gym goers fitness pros and even my clients who are athletic. Then I started body weight training and eventually graduated to dumbbells.

I have a long way to go. So I have bodywork to thank for pushing me to stay in shape eat right and grow in my self-understanding. Thanks Jason Goldberg


Bike safety

I’ve been riding my bike every morning for at least 10 years but this year is off to a harrowing start.  I got honked at yesterday for crossing against the light (my fault) and this morning I actually contacted the side of a truck and the intersection. It didn’t ruin my ride but it certainly got me thinking what did I do at that moment that caused a minor scrape and what were the 2 parties involved thinking?  In an act of self-indulgence I took the whole morning off to ponder this point.  #zerodarkthirty #bicyclesafety #rightofway #noblame

Where do I write

I write in bed

I have always journaled in bed I reach for my medium (phone). Used to be pen and pad.  Thoughts between dream and consciousness flow naturally.

I write at Starbucks.  To send out my message I copy and paste what I wrote at home, in my office or kitchen table and post it on WordPress.